The two seamless upperparts are joined solely by a zip fastener on each side that goes all the way through the sole. Above the ankle, the zip fasteners part and run further along the topline so that they become a decorative feature.

An innovative footwear brand Trippen was created in the early 90's. With strong core values of durability and a signature avant-garde style with absolute comfort, the unique silhouette of shoes is unconventional and timeless. Trippen manufacture is 100% eco-engaged from design to produce in its own factory near Berlin, shoes are made of vegetable tanned leather and pattern technique and materials, ensuring long lastingness and comfort.

100% Leather
Made in Germany

To clean nubuck leather, please use a suede brush or a special nubuck cleaning pad. Before wearing your nubuck shoes for the first time, apply a neutral waterproofing spray to make them a little more resistant. 

Apply a neutral waterproofing spray to make them a little more resistant. Some stains, like grass or oily liquids, cannot be removed at all. Nubuck leather should never be treated with shoe polish.

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